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British Military, Allies Take part in South Korea’s First Warfare Coaching Competitors

The British Military and allied forces have performed a number of coaching competitions in South Korea to hone their mountain and concrete warfare expertise.

The occasion was the primary Korean Worldwide Fight Coaching Competitors (KI-CTC), together with varied simulations in lots of battlefield terrains.

Representatives from different companions, together with Australia, India, and Norway, attended to watch the coaching.

‘Distinctive’ and ‘Rewarding’

The UK’s 1st Battalion “Scots Guards” C Firm joined greater than 180 warfighters from Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, and the US in mock infantry matches involving two groups in every spherical.

British and Korean troopers patrolling alongside a mud monitor. Picture: Cpl Simon Lucas/UK Ministry of Defence

Groups demonstrated different expertise, akin to synchronized helicopter maneuvers, navy drills, and martial arts exhibitions.

KI-CTC tailor-made the method to assist the change of information on strengths and weaknesses amongst contributors, enhancing their interoperability in varied environments coated throughout the train.

Though KI-CTC didn’t announce official winners, the Scots Guards accepted an distinctive contribution award on the occasion.

Soldiers from C Company, the 1st Battalion Scots Guards and the Republic of Korean Army breaching a rooftop entrance during the defensive phase of Exercise IMJIN WARRIOR.Over 120 service personnel from C Company, the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, have deployed to South Korea on Ex IMJIN WARRIOR 23. This joint military exercise aims to develop relationships between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea. The exercise takes its name from the Battle of the Imjin River, a decisive battle in the Korean War that remains a significant event in British military history. Over 2,000 personnel from both countries participated in Ex IMJIN WARRIOR 23, working together to improve the partnership between the two militaries. 2023 marks 70 years since the end of the Korean War and 140 years of UK-Korea relations. The exercise demonstrates the UK's enduring commitment to enhancing Indo-Pacific security by shifting greater resources to the region. The Ex coincided with Baroness Goldie's ministerial visit to Seoul for the UK-Korea Strategic Defence Dialogue, providing an opportunity to identify new avenues for cooperation. Over the past 18 months, C Company, also known as 'The Rabbits', has been deployed around the globe, including the Falklands, Gibraltar, and Oman. At the end of the exercise, C Company had the opportunity to conduct a number of cultural visits, including a tour of the DMZ and a visit to the Gloster Hill War Memorial at the exercise's namesake in Imjin. This was particularly poignant for a number of the soldiers in C Company whose relatives had fought in the battle.
British and Korean troopers breaching a rooftop entrance. Picture: Cpl Simon Lucas/UK Ministry of Defence

“This coaching train is like nothing we might usually expertise within the UK,” KI-CTC British Military Crew Platoon Commander Capt. Hugh Dingwall acknowledged.

“The chance to compete towards allies such because the USA in a force-on-force atmosphere is exclusive and one thing that was extremely rewarding.”

‘Onerous, Sensible Coaching’

Dingwell highlighted the benefit gained by the occasion.

“Peace will not be free, it solely comes from arduous sensible coaching,” he stated. “The KI-CTC will allow studying between companions and allies to share finest observe and be taught from one another.”