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The French Navy has performed its first-ever at-sea anti-drone train off the coast of Brest naval base within the Atlantic.

In the course of the drill, sailors practiced neutralizing aggressive unmanned aerial autos (UAVs) whereas aboard a FREMM-class frigate and an offshore patrol vessel.

French Navy pilots additionally utilized Rafale-M multi-role fighters to fight a number of unmanned floor vessels (USVs) scattered at sea.

Based on the service, the coaching was held to guage how floor combatant crews combat in opposition to rising uneven threats.

“By permitting navy riflemen to check their jamming and neutralization tools on the excessive seas, by permitting floor ship crews to confront several types of aerial and floor drones, and by providing Rafale M pilots the chance to cope with a USV at excessive pace, this present day fulfilled all of its aims,” the French Navy stated.

Particulars of the Train

Within the at-sea anti-drone coaching train, the FREMM-class frigate was confronted by UAVs flying at excessive speeds.

Sailors instantly used the vessel’s 76-millimeter primary gun, 20-millimeter Narwhal distant weapon stations, and a 12.7-millimeter machine gun to hit the approaching targets.

Micro-drones additionally took off from the frigate’s helicopter deck to check its BADA autonomous anti-drone jammers.

As well as, a number of navy riflemen aboard the offshore patrol vessel fired shotguns with particular anti-drone ammunition.

“Their use on the excessive seas has confirmed to be instructive,” the French Navy said. “The safety brigades of the collaborating items have been additionally in a position to try and destroy these drones utilizing the weapons with which they’re normally geared up.”

French army pilots use Rafale jets to shoot an unmanned floor vessel. Picture: French Navy