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The US Navy has contracted Northrop Grumman to provide and ship 118 prolonged vary air-launched anti-radiation missiles.

A complete of 84 AGM-88G Superior Anti-Radiation Guided Missiles – Prolonged Vary (AARGM-ER) shall be delivered to the US Navy and the remaining 34 to the US Air Power.

The $235-million low-rate preliminary manufacturing lot three award shall be accomplished by February 2027.


The longer term missile’s manufacturing contract follows its fifth flight check in Might.

Manufacturing will begin later this 12 months, adopted by preliminary operational functionality in 2024.

The missile has been in growth since 2015, with the primary reside check carried out in 2021.

Will probably be fitted on the navy’s F/A-18E/F and EA-18Gs, and on the air drive’s  F-35As.

The Navy/Marine Corps F-35C and Marine Corps F-35B are additionally anticipated to be geared up with the missile.

Aside from the US navy, Finland and Australia have additionally requested the missile.

Improve Missile

The weapon is an improve on the AGM-88E AARGM, that includes a considerably increased pace and vary.

The AGM-88E has a acknowledged vary of 80 kilometers (50 miles) and may attain a pace of Mach 2 at terminal stage.

Just like its predecessor, the AGM-88G is anticipated to neutralize relocatable enemy-integrated air protection programs by homing in on their radars and placing them.

It contains a GPS-assisted inertial navigation system and a millimeter-wave seeker able to finding targets even when they’ve switched off and stopped emitting alerts.