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The Philippine Military is contemplating buying Brahmos cruise missile techniques for shoreline protection.

That is along with the three Brahmos batteries already ordered by the Philippine Navy from India in 2022, with supply anticipated starting in December.

Greater than three batteries are being thought of for procurement, Philippine Information Company reported, citing the Chief of Employees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr.

“It is going to be used for coastal protection, and be used to cowl gaps in protection,” the outlet quoted Brawner as saying.

Shoreline Protection Buy

Manila purchased the Indian anti-ship missile system in 2022 for 18.9 billion pesos ($375 million). 

Every battery sometimes consists of three cell launchers with two or three missile tubes, command and management, radar, and help automobiles.

The deal consists of coaching for operators and maintainers and an built-in logistics help package deal.

Missile Options

The export variant of the missile has a spread of 290 kilometers (180 miles).

It incorporates a 200-300 kilogram (440-661 pound) warhead and a pace of Mach 2.8.

It’s anticipated to strengthen the Southeast Asian nation’s sea management, anti-access/area-denial, and coastal and island protection capabilities.