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Russia Says Intercepted British Warplanes Over Black Sea

Russia’s protection ministry stated Monday it had scrambled two fighter jets as British warplanes approached its border above the Black Sea.

“Because the Russian fighter jets approached, the overseas warplanes circled and distanced themselves from the Russian border,” the ministry stated in an announcement.

The ministry stated the planes concerned had been two British Storm jets accompanied by an RC-135 reconnaissance plane.

“The Russian planes safely returned to their airfield. There was no violation of the Russian border,” stated the ministry.

Incidents involving Russian and Western plane have multiplied over the Black Sea and Baltic Sea in latest months, as Moscow pursues its offensive in Ukraine.

In Might, Moscow stated it had intercepted 4 American strategic bombers above the Baltic Sea in two separate incidents within the house of 1 week.

Russia additionally scrambled warplanes to intercept French, German, and Polish plane.

In April, an American Reaper MQ-9 army drone crashed within the Black Sea after a confrontation Washington blamed on two Russian fighter jets.