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The US Particular Operations Command is searching for data on drone tech that takes down ground-based enemy digital warfare (EW) methods.

The Counter-Digital Countermeasure Seeker must be able to detecting, figuring out, and focusing on EW methods preying on “GPS, command information hyperlink, communications frequencies, and counter-battery radars,” the solicitation discover said.

It ought to match on class I (as much as 20 kilos or 9 kilograms) and sophistication II (55 kilos or 25 kilograms) drones as an extra sensor or as a seeker on small, guided munitions.

How They Will Hunt

“The CONOP (Idea of Operations) is to ship a number of small weaponized UAS (unmanned aerial methods) to penetrate digital countermeasure operational environments and loiter,”  the command defined.

“They might conduct a preplanned autonomous assault on energetic emitters. Location, kind of sign and jam to sign ratio, and so forth., would decide menace identification to stop fratricide.”

Urgent Necessity

The requirement underlines the command’s shifting priorities away from a long time of counter-terrorism operations.

It coincides with Russia’s EW deloyment within the Ukraine conflict that blunted the accuracy of US guided munitions such because the Joint Direct Assault Munition.

It even thwarted the preliminary edge rocket artillery just like the HIMARS offered to the Ukrainians, forcing them to search for workarounds.

“The present battle has proven the tactical and operational impression of enhanced ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) and lengthy‐vary precision strike capabilities,” the command stated within the doc, referring to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“The ensuing requirement for dispersion complicates command, management, and logistics that are additional degraded by digital assault on communication and navigation methods.”

“GPS and command hyperlink jamming degrades ISR and precision munition capabilities wanted for assault in depth in opposition to command, management, and logistics facilities. Whereas this impacts either side it favors the aspect that may make use of mass with out regard for casualties.”